Easy Ways To Eat Foods

When you eat food, you probably think that there’s no right or wrong way that it should be done. Wengie goes over a few foods that you’re probably eating the wrong way without even knowing, and some of the changes might make enjoying your food a bit less messy.


Eating an ice cream cone often means that your ice cream will drip down the sides if you take your time. A marshmallow at the bottom of the cone can help to prevent the ice cream from leaking everywhere from the bottom of the cone. Fresh fruits on the top of the ice cream can make the treat tastier to eat, which can make you want to eat it faster.


Pour Kool-Aid into an ice tray or even various other ingredients, such as sparkling soda and mint or lemon. Once the cubes freeze, you can put it in a cup of water for a fun treat. If you like fruit, then swap out the bowl of fruit with a skewer of fresh fruits. You can add anything that you like, such as bananas, blueberries or strawberries. This is an idea if you want to dip your fruit into yogurt. A hack for cutting an orange is to cut the top and bottom before cutting down the side of the orange. This will reveal the slices that you can easily peel off the rind. Fresh fruits in your water can give you a different taste that makes water a bit healthier.

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